HR Philosophy

If people managed their monies as carelessly as they managed their people, most would be bankrupt, says Bill Conaty and Ram Charan in their bestseller, The Talent Masters. It’s a fact that the attention, effort and resources that go into developing that most valuable of resources in companies – people – are a fraction of what they should be, when compared to inputs that go to other factors of production. That said there are some companies like us who recognize that for continuing and future success, they need the best talent and to retain that talent, they need a workplace culture that empowers, entertains and engages.

We believe in providing the best workplace culture by having an employer - employee relation wherein there is a level of trust and transparency in every procedure. Our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Empowerment, Accountability, Teamwork, Passion and Respect for each other make Eastwest Projects truly a great place to be